From a  Gertrude Stein story "for children and philosophers," TWIRIRIR is adapted and directed by Karin Coonrod with music by Gina Lishman.


TWIRIRIR brings into tension the idea of identity with an unceasingly whirling world and questions how and what do we see... what and how do we hear. The story's community includes nine-year-old Rose, her cousin Willie  and the various animals - wild and domesticated - that surround them . It is journey play in which Rose battles the darkness and climbs the mountain into new awareness and is  full of Stein's wit , imagination and a touch of her unmistakable anarchy.  It is played by a company of five women (all Rose at one time or another) and one musician.  


This piece was last performed in February 2017

The Norwood Club

The Mill: Arts, Letters, Numbers, Averill Park, NY

Performed 2013 



Monique Barbee

Dietrice Bolden

Barrett Doss

Julienne Hanzelka Kim

April Sweeney


Adapted and Directed by Karin Coonrod

Music Composed Gina Leishman

Set by John Conklin

Costumes by Oana Ortiz Botez

Lights by Brian Scott



Photographers:   Raphaele Shirley, Ben Pardo


About Rose  2013

The World Is Round Is Round Is Round Prelude At The Mill In Averill Park 2013