Strangers and Other Angels  re-imagines the medieval mystery play for the 21st century. Taking the performance to its audience in the street, using the city as stage. It is community theater in the deepest sense - a celebration of the joy of the human presence and response.  

Whether in New York, or STRANIERI E ALTRI ANGELI in Orvieto, the production involves a vast array of performers: opera singers, actors, step-dancing and tap-dancing angels, instrumentalists including steel drummers, accordionists, trombonists, guitarists, and designers interested in on-location participation.


Museum of the City of New York, NY (December 2013)
Park Avenue Christian Church (December 2012)
Park Avenue Christian Church, New York (December 2011)
Union Theological Seminary, New York (December 2010)
Musuem of the City of New York, NY (December 2006-2009)
Orvieto, Italy (June 2004-2006)


Karin Coonrod


Tony Geballe and Paul Vasile


Pheeroan Aklaff

Stefano Benini

Fran Bennett

Trazana Beverley

Andrea Brugnera

Valentina Bruscoli

Davide Ciancaleoni

Pierpaolo Cincinelli

Helga Davis

Matteo Drago

Gianluca Foresi

Alessandro Graziani

Patrice Lamberto Ladi

Paola Lattanzi

Alessio Marini

Claudia Marini

Valentina Pucci

Michaele Racan

Michael Rogers

Mary Lou Rosato

Valentina Set

Elisabetta Spallaccia

Sabrina Tesei

Jeanette Natsuko Tomi

Fabrio Velocci

Cristalyn Wright

Space & Light Design

Chris Akerlind

Peter Ksander

Efren Delgadillo

Original Framework

John Skillen


Erik Ehn

Carl Hancock Rux

Mark Stevi

Italian Translation

Walter Valeri

Photography:  Massimo Achille

Strangers and Other Angels,
Museum of the City of New York, 2009

Sound Tracks

Psalm 125


Jan 9, 2009

Compagnia de Colombari Presents: Strangers and other Angels
Directed by Karin Coonrod.